The Challenge

“A special initiative of Cambodian Living Arts, Season of Cambodia, in partnership with NYC’s cultural and academic institutions and featuring performances by 125 Cambodian visual artists.” For Cambodia’s arts to become the signature jewel of the country and an example of art transforming a post-conflict society. The challenge was to finance the Season of Cambodia Festival (Spring 2013) in order to introduce New Yorkers to the art of Cambodia, and allow the organization to continue funding its arts programs in Cambodia

Celebrities Involved:
– Princess Buppha Devi
– Children of Bassa
– Dengue Fever

Our Solution

– Business plan, non-profit structure, board presentations
– Staffing, budget and management
– Advised on festival logistics, partnerships and fundraising



people took the challenge in total


celebrities and influential public figures with a connection to diabetes participated


Major outlets covered the campaign, including “The Today Show,” Billboard, and Entertainment Weekly
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