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“ROOM TONE” Podcast Features Paul M. Katz

William Garrett’s podcast, ROOM TONE, featured an interview with Entertain Impact Founder and CEO, Paul M. Katz. Paul discussed his career path – from DJing his way through law school to managing record producers and founding Entertain Impact. 

The conversation features a look inside Paul’s time at JIVE records, being early to the rap scene, and their transition into pop leading up to when the label was sold in 2002. 

Paul discusses what inspired him to make a difference with his connection to the entertainment industry and starting Entertain Impact. They also touched on topics that the company has tackled thus far, such as its involvement in Rotary International’s Polio eradication program. Listen to the interview here to learn more.

ROOM TONE is a series of podcast episodes created by producer and host William Garrett to interview creatives and thinkers about the path, the trip, to how they got where they are and where they are going.

Originally posted April 14, 2016

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