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D.R.E.A.M.: 5 Steps to Creating Influencer-led Social Impact Campaigns

Influencer marketing has transformed marketing in the last 15 years with one unfortunate exception: the philanthropic world. For many nonprofits, influencer marketing sounds exciting but feels uncertain. Either they don’t know where to start, feel ill-equipped to manage talent relationships, or lack the confidence to adopt a new strategy—all valid. But having worked on more…

In His New Book, Cultural Change Agent Paul M. Katz Shows How Any Organization or Non-Profit Can Engage Influencers to Create Programs that Raise Awareness, Inspire Action, and Do Good

PRESS RELEASE: February 27, 2023  The power of celebrities and Influencers to create cultural conversations, change opinions, and ignite action has transformed the marketing world in the past fifteen years. Yet many businesses and philanthropic organizations have been baffled about how to engage and work with Influencers to support their causes. All that is about…

How I Hope Good Influence: How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit will Empower Nonprofit Marketers

During my career in music and film, I have seen first-hand the power of pop culture and influencer marketing campaigns to have a social impact. My awareness of this began when I attended Live Aid and witnessed the profound impact of bringing artists together to end the Ethiopian famine. I now call what I experienced…

Gifts that do Good: Your 2022 Socially Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays aren’t about shopping, but that sure does play a part. Knowing it’s hard to prioritize shopping for socially responsible brands, especially during the holidays, we’re releasing our second annual Socially Conscious Holiday Gift Guide of ethical brands and sustainable gift ideas that you can feel good about purchasing. For more ideas, check out…

How to Build a Non-Profit Social Media Calendar (with Workflow Tips and Content Ideas)

Creating a non-profit social media content calendar doesn’t have to be one of those tasks cause marketing professionals keep saying they’ll “get to… eventually.” Unfortunately, that often becomes the case for many social impact marketing teams.  When non-profit marketers juggle multiple urgent tasks, planning the social media content calendar becomes an afterthought. As a result,…

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You cant have a great social media strategy without consistent community engagement. Our free Social Media Content Planner and Community Management Worksheet makes it easy for non-profit marketers to brainstorm engagement opportunities and align them to their monthly social media posts so they dont miss any important moments. ⁠
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This October, we’re bringing young people from around the world together for the Global Forum of Adolescents as part of our #1point8 campaign with Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (@1point8billion). The forum will give teens and young adults the opportunity to address global policymakers on issues that impact their well-being. Together, we aim to give youth the power to shape their futures.⁠
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Norooz Pirouz is a greeting among Iranians as a blessing of victory in the new year. As we celebrate Persian New Year, this is our heartfelt wish for our Iranian brothers and sisters, here in the states, abroad, and especially those living under and fighting against the Iranian government. Norooz Pirouz! May this be the year that Iranians win back their freedom.
Nonprofits say theyre interested in influencer marketing to elevate their social impact programs, but are unsure where to start. Our Founder, Paul M. Katz, developed a D.R.E.A.M. method for building effective #causeinfluence campaigns led by public figures. Pauls new bestselling book, Good Influence: How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit, breaks down the five steps to D.R.E.A.M. If youre a purpose-driven leader and havent yet read Good Influence, check out his detailed overview of the method, complete with examples. DM us any questions.⁠
Read Pauls blog using the link in our bio.
Weve worked on several global health campaigns over the years. Most recently, we partnered with the @WHOFoundations #GoGiveOne campaign for COVID vaccine equity. Support from celebrities and a $1M donation match from The ELMA Vaccines & Immunization Foundation helped supply thousands of vaccines to people in low-income countries. #NationalVaccinationDay⁠
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We don’t care what anyone says, it’s okay to reuse social media posts!! In fact, we ENCOURAGE it. Our free Social Media Content Planner makes it easy to sift through months of old copy to find the best posts to rework into brand new content. You’ll save time filling your upcoming calendar with previously used, highly effective content you worked hard to create.⁠
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Its not easy to condense serious social issues into a compelling 2-hour story, but several Oscar-nominated filmmakers pulled off that feat this year. Ahead of this weekends Academy Awards, were sharing a few films with social impact messages that were excited to see recognized, including All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, which we helped release the limited edition vinyl soundtrack for. #CauseInfluence #SocialEntertainment⁠
Best of luck to all the nominees!
We’re overjoyed by the response to our Founder and CEO Paul M Katz’s new book, Good Influence: How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit. Paul spent years compiling lessons he learned over his career in entertainment and philanthropy to write this comprehensive guide for purpose-driven leaders interested in tapping into the power of celebrity and influencer marketing to advance their social missions. ⁠
If you haven’t yet, click the link in our bio to get a copy today and discover how you can use the power of influencer marketing to do more good.
Proud to have worked with @Soundwalkcollective, @Nangoldinstudio, and @Participant Media to release the limited edition vinyl for the soundtrack to All The Beauty and the Bloodshed, about the career of artist Nan Goldin and the downfall of the Sackler family, the pharmaceutical dynasty behind the opioid epidemic. Congratulations and best of luck to the entire team on the films Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature!
As some fight to erase history, we resolve to tell it. On this day in 1965, 600+ civil rights activists met at the Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Selma, AL to plan a march to the state capitol in Montgomery. Led by the late Congressman John Lewis, the peaceful protestors were attacked and beaten by troopers. The event, now known as “Bloody Sunday,” was a catalyst for the Voting Rights Act. Today, the Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church is a National Historic Landmark, and was recently awarded a grant from African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund. #TellTheFullStory	⁠
Learn more about the historic church here: https://brownchapelamechurch.org/
Were celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth by shining a light on the contributions of women in philanthropy and the important roles they play as leaders, donors, and changemakers. At Entertain Impact, weve worked with countless women who have been at the forefront of social impact, using their voices and resources to drive positive change in causes ranging from education to health. We thank them for continuing to inspire future generations of #femaleleaders!
Today’s the day! We’re delighted to announce the worldwide release of our Founder and CEO Paul M Katz’s book, Good Influence: How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit. Paul has spent years compiling the lessons he’s learned working on 100+ influencer-led social impact campaigns into this practical guide for purpose-driven leaders in any industry. Our team is excited to finally share this resource to help even more organizations do good.	⁠
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