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A Guide to Influencers: Mega, Macro, Micro, and Nano

In August, we published a blog addressing the three most common questions about influencer campaigns. Since, we’ve continued to receive inquiries about specific aspects of influencer marketing. So we’re creating a series: Everything You Need to Know about Cause Influence, Influencer Campaigns, and Ambassador Programs (title is a WIP). In this installment, we prioritize reach…

A napkin with a sketch of an outline for Entertain Impact's business model which is based in cause marketing.

My Journey with Cause Marketing and Starting Entertain Impact

I was sitting at the TJ Martell Foundation’s gala listening to a cancer survivor who had gone on to devote his life to medicine. It was an inspirational speech, and I was inspired. I’d always sought and sincerely enjoyed opportunities to fuse my work as an executive in the music industry with my passion for…

An imaged that shows dancers in motion.

A Vision for Philanthropy: Q&A With Tarik Ward, ELMA Music Foundation

Entertain Impact recently caught up with the incomparable Tarik Ward, Director of ELMA Music Foundation, US, which grants investments into non-profit organizations that use music and the arts to improve outcomes for children and youth—organizations like The Music and Youth Development Alliance (MYDA), a nationwide coalition of community-based non-profits that provide arts-based youth development programs….

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