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Introducing: Advocacy Alliance

Introducing: Entertain Impact’s Advocacy Alliance

We’re proud to introduce you to Entertain Impact’s Advocacy Alliance. True to its name, the Advocacy Alliance focuses on building partnerships with policy-focused organizations to create advocacy campaigns that mobilize support through the power of cultural change-makers like celebrities and influencers.  At Entertain Impact, we’re constantly seeking new ways to better the world through the…

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following With Community Management

Many of the non-profit organizations we work with continue to struggle on Instagram. They’re limited in terms of the type of content they have access to create, yet they’re tasked to grow Instagram followers and increase social engagement. Sound familiar?  The images you get aren’t “Instagram Quality,” you’re confined to the assets that field teams…

Go Give One: Support Covid-19 Vaccine Equity

About a year ago, my grandparents—both in their 70s—went from being outgoing travelers with active social lives to staying shuttered inside, barely leaving the house for groceries and altogether avoiding loved ones. Of course, we all missed them and worried that we were losing valuable time together. But our shared concerns for their health and…

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