Social Impact Agency Entertain Impact Launches “Go Local” with Time Equities Inc.

With a Goal of Increasing Consumer Awareness and Education on the Importance of Spending Locally to Keep Communities Healthy November 23, 2020 02:14 PM Eastern Standard Time NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Time Equities, Inc. (TEI), a full-service real estate firm, along with Entertain Impact’s Campaign Fund, a non-profit vehicle that enables people to support social impact campaigns, announced today…

Issue Profile: Why Going Local Matters

Neda Azarfar, CMO of Entertain Impact One of my favorite things about working at Entertain Impact is getting to learn about so many important issues facing our world right now. Issues I care about, but that I may not know what to do about. Or, frankly, issues that align with my values, but that I’ve…

Announcing Entertain Impact’s Campaign Fund

Entertain Impact is pleased to announce the creation of the Campaign Fund, a non-profit initiative that allows our wonderful network of social good doers, supporters, and believers to make tax-deductible donations to fund social impact campaigns they believe in. Entertain Impact’s Campaign Fund provides a grassroots vessel for people to help purpose-oriented organizations to launch…

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