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5 Easy Steps to Measuring Non-Profit Marketing Campaigns

With the future so uncertain, data can be a crystal ball for marketers in today’s world. Effectively creating measurable objectives and accurately tracking your progress towards those objectives is your best guarantee of success. But if you’re wondering how to measure non-profit campaigns and cause-oriented marketing initiatives outside of donations, you’re not alone. Here are…

How Bangsokol: A Requiem For Cambodia Inspired Our Work in the Cause Influence Space

Throughout my career in the cause influence space, I’ve often sought out projects that address how the arts can play a role in healing and social change. From war and injustice to sickness and death, societies have been through and are still going through a lot. How do we reconcile our experiences and heal our…

4 Ways to Motivate Customers to Reshare Your Brand Messaging on Social Media

For non-profit marketers, there’s nothing more powerful than having donors spread your message to their communities. When donors are passionate about a cause, they tell their friends and family about it. With today’s emphasis on visual storytelling, providing donors visual content they want to share is key to turning supporters into evangelists.

Go Give One: Alexa MacLean shares lessons from leading a global health campaign for vaccine equity

Marketers in the philanthropic space know that spearheading a multi-year campaign is a challenge. From adapting to changing situations to dealing with audience burnout, there are many factors to consider. Make the campaign about a global pandemic, and you’ve got your work cut out for you. Alexa MacLean, the Campaign Lead for the WHO Foundation’s…

Cause Influence Insights: What We’ve Learned Creating Social Impact Campaigns

More than fifteen years in the cause influence space and hundreds of collaborations with non-profits and influencers have taught us important lessons about creating effective social impact campaigns. We’re sharing that knowledge here, covering everything from campaign messaging to influencer outreach, from political advocacy campaigns to ambassador programs. We’ve also created a cause marketing toolkit…

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Its here! Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia, is a classical music album composed by Him Sophy and commissioned by @CambodianLivingArts. #Bangsokol serves as a way to guide the wandering souls of those lost under the Khmer Rouge regime, and examines how music can be used as a tool for post-conflict healing in societies worldwide.⁠
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More than 17 million Americans who have served a felony sentence stand to have their #votingrights restored, but arent aware of their eligibility. Entertain Impact’s Advocacy Alliance is partnering with @PublicWise to ensure all eligible Americans are aware and able to restore their voting rights. ⁠
Learn more about how felony disenfranchisement laws impact voting rights using the link in our bio.
Our free #CauseMarketing Toolkit makes it easy for non-profit leaders to create a successful cause influence campaign. Equipped with mad-libs-style messaging prompts, influencer activation ideas, a monthly organizer, and plenty more, this kit is fully customizable to your non-profits needs.⁠
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The power of art and the influence of its makers to advance social good is unlike any other. Thats why #causeinfluence is at the heart of everything we do. Our latest project, Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia, is a shining example. The album uses classical music to bring healing to a nation and demonstrate how music can be used for post-conflict reconciliation. Read why our CEO, Paul Katz, worked so hard to release the album and what he hopes listeners across the world will learn from it.⁠
Use the link in our bio to learn more about Bangsokol and its importance today.
Were amplifying 3 non-profit organizations advocating for the mental health and wellness of all communities. From working tirelessly to eliminate suicide to offering accessible resources to individuals in crisis, these orgs are moving the needle on destigmatizing and improving mental healthcare. #NationalMentalHealthAwarenessWeek ⁠
@mentalhealthamerica @afspnational @mentalhealthcoalition⁠
Swipe through to learn about these organizations and the resources they offer.
Being a mom is a full-time job. Combine that with maintaining self-care and professional growth and youve got your hands full (not that they werent already). @ELMAPhilanthropies Ebony Howard understands the balancing act that is motherhood because shes working it every day. Ebonys accounts remind us of the sacrifices all moms have to make and reinforce the need for stronger family support systems. #MothersDay⁠
Get Ebonys thoughts on work and motherhood using the link in our bio.
Our aim is to help non-profits and purpose-driven leaders be more effective in the #socialgood space. Thats why we provide free monthly resources, tips, and tools aimed at supporting and empowering the change-makers of our world. This month, were offering a step-by-step guide on the basics of campaign measurement.⁠
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Take a break from scrolling to listen to a moving piece of #classicalmusic from Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia, an album were releasing, which uses music as a tool for post-conflict healing and reconciliation. Bangsokol was commissioned by @CambodianLivingArts and composed by Him Sophy, who hopes the piece serves as inspiration for post-conflict societies around the world – to rebuild, transmit and innovate through arts.⁠
Less than a month before you hear the rest of the album on May 20. Pre-save now using the link in our bio. ⁠
Spearheading a sustained campaign is tough. Make it about a pandemic, and youve got your work cut out for you. Alexa MacLean, the Campaign Lead for the @WHOFoundation vaccine equity programs is up for the challenge. Over the past year, weve worked closely with her on #GoGiveOne, which aims to close the gap in vaccine access through a long-term campaign that stays fresh enough to overcome issue burnout. We got Alexa to open up about her thought process and approach to maintaining engagement despite COVID exhaustion. ⁠
Read about Alexas approach to long-term communications campaigns like Go Give One using the link in our bio.
On average, there is one doctor to every 5,000 people across Sub-Saharan Africa. This statistic is one of the reasons African medical NGO @ALIMA_org is focusing on supporting local healthcare capacity in the region’s remote communities. ALIMA’s #WeAreTheSolution campaign video, created by Senegalese-French artist @Lossapardo, highlights just how critical the access to healthcare workers in these areas can be.

Click the link in our bio to watch the video and learn more.
Given how quickly Africa is growing, the future of our planet depends on the choices African leaders make about whether they follow western models of industrialization or create their own sustainable paths. It affects all of us, but the decisions are theirs. Right now, @AfricanWildlifeFoundation is working with local leaders in 4 key focal countries to implement community-led conservation strategies as a model for the world to see that economic growth does not need to come at the cost of the environment. #EarthDay⁠
Click the link in our bio to learn about AWFs unique approach to conservation.
After launching 100s of #causeinfluence campaigns, weve learned a thing or two about connecting influencers and celebrities to important social causes. Our strategists are sharing key lessons and advice, from tips on outreach to polishing your messages. Read the blog then check out our downloadable checklist to help you strategize your next campaign.⁠
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