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For World Social Justice Day, take action around DC statehood.

Why DC Statehood Should be the Next Social Justice Issue

We at Entertain Impact want to bring attention to the growing social justice movement for DC statehood, the many injustices presently endured by the people of DC, and what we can all do to help them achieve equal rights. “No taxation without representation” is one of the founding tenets of our country. It’s what incited…

Engage donors to share your message to their audiences.

3 Ways To Inspire Your Donors To Spread Your Message

For non-profit marketers, there’s nothing more powerful than having donors spread your message to their communities. When donors are passionate about a cause, they tell their friends and family about it. With today’s emphasis on visual storytelling, providing donors visual content they want to share is key to turning supporters into evangelists.

Are you maximizing Instagram?

How to Use Instagram to Engage Donors

Instagram has become the dominant marketing platform used by organizations to connect directly with audiences. When Instagram started, it was a visual-first platform that democratized photography. The captions (or any copy-based communications, for that matter) weren’t important. It was about telling your story through DIY images. Now, the platform has evolved with new trends (foodies, flatlays, travel) and features (Stories, Live, Reels, Stickers) that can be used to reach and engage new donor audiences.

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