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Go Give One: Support Covid-19 Vaccine Equity

About a year ago, my grandparents—both in their 70s—went from being outgoing travelers with active social lives to staying shuttered inside, barely leaving the house for groceries and altogether avoiding loved ones. Of course, we all missed them and worried that we were losing valuable time together. But our shared concerns for their health and…

DC for 51 Has Brought Us One Step Closer to Making DC Statehood a Reality

DC statehood is one step closer to becoming a reality as Entertain Impact’s DC for 51 advocacy campaign continues to gain momentum. On April 22, the House of Representatives passed HR 51, the Washington, DC Admission Act, in a 216 to 208 vote, led by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton as well as 216 co-sponsors.  The…

TikTok for Non-Profit Marketers: Three Things You Need to Know

Every few years, we see the rise of a new social media platform that dominates the cultural conversation. It can be overwhelming when thinking about how to incorporate a new platform into your existing strategy. How should we use it? Does it make sense for us as an organization? Do we have the resources? As…

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