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Who is an Influencer?

Cause Influence 101: Who is an Influencer?

Although questions about the best ways to apply an influencer strategy persist, more brand marketers are convinced that influencer marketing is a must-have part of the mix. Similarly, the philanthropic sector is catching up to this realization.  Influencer marketing has become a bona fide marketing channel that commands approximately $500 million in marketing spend and…

The Global Boyhood Initiative

Raising Better Boys – It Takes Systemic Change

Every once in a while, you get a client with the patience and commitment to address the root cause of a systemic social issue, like violence against women. It takes bravery as an organization to deviate from the norm.  We were lucky enough to find that with Promundo and the Kering Foundation, who were determined…

Women's History Month

Celebrating Women’s History Month by Elevating Women in Philanthropy

It’s no secret that the world of philanthropy has traditionally been old, male, and white. But recent years have seen a welcome shift toward greater inclusivity and representation, especially as it relates to women. In honor of Women’s History Month, Entertain Impact is spotlighting a few female leaders who are changing the face of the…

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