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How I Hope Good Influence: How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit will Empower Nonprofit Marketers

During my career in music and film, I have seen first-hand the power of pop culture and influencer marketing campaigns to have a social impact. My awareness of this began when I attended Live Aid and witnessed the profound impact of bringing artists together to end the Ethiopian famine. I now call what I experienced…

Gifts that do Good: Your 2022 Socially Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays aren’t about shopping, but that sure does play a part. Knowing it’s hard to prioritize shopping for socially responsible brands, especially during the holidays, we’re releasing our second annual Socially Conscious Holiday Gift Guide of ethical brands and sustainable gift ideas that you can feel good about purchasing. For more ideas, check out…

How to Build a Non-Profit Social Media Calendar (with Workflow Tips and Content Ideas)

Creating a non-profit social media content calendar doesn’t have to be one of those tasks cause marketing professionals keep saying they’ll “get to… eventually.” Unfortunately, that often becomes the case for many social impact marketing teams.  When non-profit marketers juggle multiple urgent tasks, planning the social media content calendar becomes an afterthought. As a result,…

TikTok Tips: 3 Things Non-Profit Marketers Should Know

It’s not breaking news that TikTok has successfully implanted itself into the cultural conversation. In the past few years, we’ve seen it transform from a niche app for younger generations to a massively popular platform that has become a major competitor for social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. When a new platform has such…

Using Your Platform For Good: How Influencers and Celebrities can Establish Meaningful Non-Profit Partnerships

The “influencer effect” is a significant component of my upcoming book, “Good Influence: How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit,” set for release in 2023. It is the power that public figures have to influence specific audiences. At Entertain Impact, we help non-profits tap into this phenomenon to amplify and meet the goals of…

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From ideal target audiences to maintaining influencer relationships, were covering some frequently asked questions about #influencermarketing campaigns and ambassador programs. ⁠
Read our blog for answers to the top 3 questions about #causeinfluence campaigns. Link in bio.
We believe in the effectiveness of cause influence, which taps into the power of public figures to amplify important social causes and incite action on todays most pressing issues. ⁠
Click the link in our bio to learn more.
Were proud to have educated 1M+ Georgians on their voter eligibility through our #NoVotesBarred campaign with @NewGeorgiaProject. Now, were working with @PublicWise to continue the campaign and reach even more people in the state who are under the false impression that they cant legally vote due to a past conviction. ⁠
Read our #NoVotesBarred case study to see what we have achieved so far. Link in bio.
This quote from Senator Cory Booker reminds us that #Juneteenth is not just a day for celebration but also a day for reflection and action. Today, we encourage you to remember the past and use its lessons to build a future where freedom and equality are truly accessible to all.
Wow! So many positive reviews for Entertain Impact Founder Paul M. Katzs book, Good Influence: How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit! Were especially grateful for this testimonial from actor and @sixdegreesofkb Founder @KevinBacon. Read the book and let us know if you agree with Kevin! ⁠
Click the link in our bio to get a copy.
On average, there is one doctor to every 5,000 people across Sub-Saharan Africa. This stat is one of the reasons medical NGO @ALIMA_org has spent years fortifying local healthcare capacity in the region, applying resources to provide care to the areas most vulnerable populations. Were grateful to amplify their work and show just how critical these life-saving services are.	⁠
Learn more about ALIMAs efforts using the link in our bio.
An effective social media toolkit will clearly explain your campaign issue and equip influencers with the tools to take quick action. Our Founder, Paul M. Katz, created a free toolkit template that allows just that.⁠
Download the template using the link in our bio, then watch our video for tips on customizing it for your campaign.
Happy #PrideMonth! It’s so important to our team that we build a world where LGBTQ+ people are free to be themselves year-round. Were grateful for organizations like @rightobe, @transequalitynow, and @PFLAG working to make that possible.	⁠
Reshare to help amplify these orgs.
Nonprofit marketers know that campaign measurement isn’t just a lot to track, but even more to report and explain to leadership and the Board. Our free Marketing Metrics Planner makes it easy to monitor how all the KPIs you’re tracking link back to the macro goals you set out to achieve. #MarketingTips⁠
Download the tool and try it for yourself using the link in our bio.
Can you guess the celebrity using her platform for good? We love this artist because she spreads messages of self-love and positivity through her music.

Watch our latest round of #CauseInfluence Trivia to see if you know the answer!
Need to reach out to influencers and celebrities on behalf of your social impact campaign? Our latest blog offers nonprofit marketers advice on making an ask for influencer support, and includes a downloadable #InfluencerOutreach Kit with customizable ask letter templates.

Read now. Link in bio.
We invited 4 graphic designers to share tips for nonprofit marketers who want to create eye-catching content to elevate their messaging. @botelhocandice, @saharcosta, Erica Martinez, and Terence Harp II gave their best advice for making compelling visuals with and without an in-house design resource.	⁠
Swipe to meet the designers, then read the blog to get their advice. Link in bio.

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