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Art for Cause: How Non-profits Can Partner with Artists for Change

When most non-profits ask about incorporating artists into their awareness and fundraising campaigns, they think about celebrities or influencer personalities. In their minds, what these public figures offer non-profits is their platform and reach. While we wholeheartedly agree with that value proposition, we want to ensure that non-profits don’t overlook the value that artists produce…

10 Easy Ways to Get Civically Engaged Ahead of the 2022 Midterms

Even if you aren’t following the latest in American politics, a glance at the latest headlines or scroll through social media reveals that things aren’t exactly going well (gestures vaguely at everything). Voting rights, reproductive healthcare, racial equality, privacy, and the ability for children to be safe at school are just a few of the…

3 Steps to Build Stronger Relationships with Celebrities

One of the biggest challenges you may face when implementing your non-profit’s cause influence strategy is knowing how to effectively ask public figures to support your social good campaign and then leverage that support for future collaborations. Relying on the fact that celebrities are generally philanthropic and willing to engage in cause influence, some non-profit…

5 Easy Steps to Measuring Non-Profit Marketing Campaigns

With the future so uncertain, data can be a crystal ball for marketers in today’s world. Effectively creating measurable objectives and accurately tracking your progress towards those objectives is your best guarantee of success. But if you’re wondering how to measure non-profit campaigns and cause-oriented marketing initiatives outside of donations, you’re not alone. Here are…

How Bangsokol: A Requiem For Cambodia Inspired Our Work in the Cause Influence Space

Throughout my career in the cause influence space, I’ve often sought out projects that address how the arts can play a role in healing and social change. From war and injustice to sickness and death, societies have been through and are still going through a lot. How do we reconcile our experiences and heal our…

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When we were asked to work with the WHO Foundations #GoGiveOne campaign for COVID vaccine equity, we were ready. It was an honor to bring attention to the need for vaccines in lower-income countries with help from celebrities like Elton John, Billie Eilish, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Between their support and a $1M match from The ELMA Vaccines & Immunization Foundation, the WHOF was able to purchase over 536k vaccines for those in need.⁠
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If your nonprofit has a big cause to amplify in 2023, then you should work with a big celebrity to spread the word, right? Not necessarily! Our guide to influencer types explains how and when public figures with niche followings can actually have a greater impact on getting your messages out.⁠
Read to learn which influencer type is best for your organization. Link in bio.
Say hi to the newest edition to Entertain Impact’s team, Adriana Montañez! As our Community Manager and in her personal life, Adriana finds purpose in championing progressive causes and supporting #socialgood leaders making change. Her drive to do good is evident as she helps us amplify philanthropic causes and share marketing resources with nonprofits to advance their missions. We appreciate her dedication to building a kinder, better world.⁠
Watch the video to meet Adriana and learn why we love working with her.
Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His careful planning, persuasive words, strong leadership, and brave actions changed not only hearts and minds but also laws and lives. He is a go-to inspiration. A portrait of a man with a vision for justice. A reminder of our rights and our obligations. #MLKDay
Were excited to work with Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (@1point8billion) as they work to amplify the voices of adolescents and youth worldwide through their #1point8 campaign. Together, were making it possible for young people to speak out about their needs while demanding global leaders implement policies that prioritize this generations health and well-being.⁠
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We just launched our 2023 Social Media Content Planner, which makes it easy to plan, draft, and finalize your posts across platforms. As an added bonus, we’ve filled each month with key dates to give you a jumpstart when brainstorming.⁠
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Entrepreneurs Clarence and Anna Johnson Dupree opened the Eldorado Ballroom in Houston, Texas’ Third Ward to give members of their predominantly Black community an upscale venue where they could gather and socialize. During its 30+ years, the Eldorado became a world-renowned music venue that brought joy to its community. Though the Eldorado Ballroom closed in the 70s, the building that held its lively energy was gifted to @ProjectRowHouses, an organization that aims to enrich Houston’s communities through art. Today, the nonprofit is restoring the historic building as a community gathering space that will carry on the Dupree’s legacy of bringing the residents of the Third Ward together.⁠
Learn more about Project Row Houses and how you can support their mission using the link in our bio.⁠
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As Americans, we have the right and ability to communicate with our representatives. Writing your congressperson is a tried and true way of channeling your passion about an issue into a direct action that makes a difference. Here are 5 tips to help you craft a clear, effective message to your legislator. #WritetoCongressDay.
Were coming into 2023 with the same vision but new plans for making the world a better, more socially just place using #causeinfluence and the power of celebrity. Here are some of the things were looking forward to:⁠
- Publishing a must-read on influencer-led social impact campaigns⁠
- Building on our advocacy work to advance voting rights⁠
- Amplifying the voices of global youth to create policies for the future⁠
- Sharing more resources with purpose-driven leaders⁠
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