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How Bangsokol: A Requiem For Cambodia Inspired Our Work in the Cause Influence Space

Throughout my career in the cause influence space, I’ve often sought out projects that address how the arts can play a role in healing and social change. From war and injustice to sickness and death, societies have been through and are still going through a lot. How do we reconcile our experiences and heal our…

4 Ways to Motivate Customers to Reshare Your Brand Messaging on Social Media

For non-profit marketers, there’s nothing more powerful than having donors spread your message to their communities. When donors are passionate about a cause, they tell their friends and family about it. With today’s emphasis on visual storytelling, providing donors visual content they want to share is key to turning supporters into evangelists.

Go Give One: Alexa MacLean shares lessons from leading a global health campaign for vaccine equity

Marketers in the philanthropic space know that spearheading a multi-year campaign is a challenge. From adapting to changing situations to dealing with audience burnout, there are many factors to consider. Make the campaign about a global pandemic, and you’ve got your work cut out for you. Alexa MacLean, the Campaign Lead for the WHO Foundation’s…

Cause Influence Insights: What We’ve Learned Creating Social Impact Campaigns

More than fifteen years in the cause influence space and hundreds of collaborations with non-profits and influencers have taught us important lessons about creating effective social impact campaigns. We’re sharing that knowledge here, covering everything from campaign messaging to influencer outreach, from political advocacy campaigns to ambassador programs. We’ve also created a cause marketing toolkit…

Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia, an extraordinary symphonic work by internationally acclaimed composer Him Sophy; U.S. Release May 20, 2022, on Entertain Impact

New York, NY – March 28, 2022 – Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia, composed by internationally acclaimed Cambodian composer and survivor of the Khmer Rouge, Him Sophy, is the first major symphonic work that addresses the traumas of the Cambodian genocide of the late 1970s. The piece places the musical ritual of a Bangsokol – a…

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Big brands often use artist collabs for buzz and revenue. We think non-profits should embrace this tactic as a key element of their #causeinfluence strategy. Our latest blog outlines ideas and examples that bring this idea to life, from designing custom merchandise and co-creating a campaign to in-person, event-based activations. ⁠
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How great would it be if all of the best metrics for your non-profit were pre-written and handed right to you? Unfortunately there isnt an AI tool for that yet, but our Marketing Metrics Planner can alleviate some of the burdens of writing your goals. Download now for an easy-to-follow template with examples of typical non-profit goals and the metrics to measure them.⁠
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Dont think TikTok makes sense for your non-profit? We disagree. And weve got examples! Here are 3 orgs effectively using TikTok to educate, entertain, and gain support from their growing audiences. #SocialMediaTips⁠
Watch the video of highlights, then read our blog using the link in our bio for TikTok inspiration and tips. ⁠
Orgs featured: @innocenceproject, @ndssorg, @catskill_animal_sanctuary
Georgians who have served a felony sentence can figure out their voter eligibility in less than 2-min thanks to the #NoVotesBarred campaign quiz Entertain Impact’s Advocacy Alliance team created for @NewGeorgiaProject. We hope this easy-to-use tool helps disenfranchised Georgians take the necessary first step to restore their vote.⁠
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What’s the difference between a goal and an objective? How do you connect measuring tactics to evaluating your overall marketing program? Use our Marketing Measurement Planner to develop your communications tactics and establish KPI consensus among your leadership.

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Also, thanks to Katie Paine @painepublishing for all the measurement guidance, you truly are the queen!
Shonda Rhimes, Ibram X. Kendi, and Ebonee Davis are just a few of the public figures who supported our campaign for @savingplaces to preserve Black historic spaces as part of the African American Cultural Heritage Action Funds mission to #TellTheFullStory. Less than 6% of historic sites are dedicated to Black history. The African American Cultural Heritage Action Funds latest grant, awarding $3M to 33 Black historic sites helps to rectify this gross imbalance. Were proud to be a part of that. #CauseInfluence⁠
Learn more about the grantees and their unique histories using the link in our bio.
Last month, we launched New Georgia Projects #NoVotesBarred campaign to help Georgians with a criminal record understand their voting eligibility. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration, moodboards, and mockups that led graphic artists @tgharpii and @bothelhocandice to their final campaign art. Were so happy with how it all came together!⁠
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#CauseInfluence benefits influencers and celebrities as much as it does the non-profits they support. In his latest blog, our founder and CEO Paul Katz shares how public figures can integrate social good into their careers in ways that are both gratifying and impactful.⁠
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Working in philanthropy and social good can be as frustrating as it is fulfilling. We use humor to keep our spirits up. In honor of #CharityDay, were sharing our favorite memes and posts that keep it real, relatable, and funny. ⁠
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GOOD NEWS! We just finished planning our next few months of emails. Look out for these #causemarketing resources:⁠
-- Ways to launch a nonprofit x artist collab⁠
-- TikTok advice for nonprofits⁠
-- Why celebs pass on participating in nonprofit campaigns⁠
-- Planning nonprofit marketing metrics⁠
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Good campaign messages are educational, build credibility, and motivate supporters. Effective campaign messages are read. Use our free message writing guide to develop more effective key messages that people will actually read, understand, and remember. #NonProfitMarketing⁠
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Did you know most Georgians with a criminal record CAN vote? As part of our #NoVotesBarred campaign for @NewGeorgiaProject, we created a 2-min quiz so the 4.6M Georgians with a criminal record can easily understand their voting eligibility. ⁠
Spread the word and share the quiz using the link in our bio.

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