Our Sole Focus is Social Impact

Collage of social impact campaign images: rescue dog at animal shelter, person holding a campaign sign at a voting rights protest, small child reaching to peek out of a hospital window in Haiti

Cause Influence is the Foundation

Entertain Impact was borne out of our founder's desire to channel his success in the music and entertainment space into a social venture that would pioneer the field of cause influence, where individuals and organizations commit their respective influence to help advance social and philanthropic causes.

Campaign Spotlights

We work at the intersection of entertainment and philanthropy, finding creative ways to unleash the power of celebrities and influencers for good.


Our Cornerstones

Although each campaign is unique, these tenets form the core of who we are and guide our approach to every project.


Everyone has a role to play in building a better, safer, more equitable society. We embrace that responsibility with passion and conviction.


True impact is the result of systemic change, not band-aid half-measures. Everything we do is done with the intention of bringing about that change.


To change systems, you first need to change culture. And to do that, you need the power and influence of cultural leaders.


A worthy cause and catchy campaign aren’t enough in today's busy world. To raise the collective conscious and compel action, you need to connect the exact right message to the exact right person.

Join our Community!

Connect with us on the social platform of your choice for a regular dose of share-worthy content that aims to inform and inspire. 


The Social Impact Team

Our clients are the heroes on the front lines—fighting to do things like eradicate polio, reform the criminal justice system, and prevent domestic violence. We are the thinkers, doers, connectors, and communicators working behind the scenes to help them win those important battles. 

If you're looking to apply your skills and know-how to help do some good, come join us.

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