In the lead up to the 2020 election, millions of Americans wanted to support voter registration and turnout initiatives—many of them for the first time. But with hundreds of organizations to choose from, and a strong fear of misinformation, they didn’t know where to start. These first-time volunteers needed a resource for credible, vetted organizations that would allow them to make the greatest impact possible. 



Entertain Impact created an advocacy arm called the Advocacy Alliance and launched the campaign Sooner is Better to drive participation in the 2020 election, specifically with a focus on activating volunteers. We identified six key organizations working to fight voter suppression, register voters, and raise voter turnout: Common Cause, Fair Fight, Indivisible, Sister District Project, Swing Left, and When We All Vote. We worked with these organizations to ensure they were positioned to offer meaningful and turnkey opportunities for potential volunteers.

Sooner is Better became both a campaign to encourage volunteering and a resource for information on the most trusted and impactful voter organizations volunteers could engage with.

We then engaged influencers, including high-profile celebrities like Stevie Wonder and Kevin Bacon, to encourage their followers to go to Sooner is Better and volunteer ahead of the 2020 election.



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