Each year, millions of children get sick from pollutants in the air and water. Too often, their health and well-being is overlooked and side-lined. The Environmental Defense Fund needed to galvanize support to do something about it.


Our Solution

Knowing that our ultimate goal was to effect policy exchange at a national level, we needed not just a message, but an advocate. And who better to advocate for children than moms? So we recruited celebrity moms with a connection to personal and community health to join together as part of a Moms Clean Air Force. From Leila Ali to Julianne Moore, the Moms Clean Air Force raised awareness among this highly engaged coalition of moms who were given the tools to petition their elected officials for stronger clean air laws.



Moms wrote letters to Congress


President Obama's EPA implemented higher Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) in December 2011
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