The Challenge

Facing an ageing donor base, the National Trust for Historic Preservation needed to raise funds to restore Nina Simone’s childhood home.

Our Solution

Presenting Nina Simone not only as a musician, but also as a civil rights icon, Entertain Impact cultivated a conversation about the need to preserve the history of women of color. Engaging contemporary artists, like John Legend and NoName, to bring attention to the important social question of whose history is preserved and whose is forgotten helped to create a sense of urgency and relevance among an entirely new generation of National Trust supporters.

In addition, by treating artists as true stakeholders in the initiative, we were able to form lasting relationships on behalf of the National Trust with an important and influential community, thereby paving the way for longer-term impact beyond a singular campaign.




of our fundraising goals were met


social media posts brought awareness to our #SaveNinaCrib campaign


Celebrities engaged or organically supported the campaign
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