Announcing Entertain Impact’s Campaign Fund

Entertain Impact is pleased to announce the creation of the Campaign Fund, a non-profit initiative that allows our wonderful network of social good doers, supporters, and believers to make tax-deductible donations to fund social impact campaigns they believe in. Entertain Impact’s Campaign Fund provides a grassroots vessel for people to help purpose-oriented organizations to launch social impact marketing campaigns aimed at elevating issues that matter, mobilizing movements, and scaling programmatic efforts to do good. As an issue-focused fund, the Campaign Fund also facilitates large-scale coalition-building across sectors, creating a 501(c)(3) vehicle for foundations, non-profits, corporate partners, and individual donors to unite around a shared cause. 

“There are so many important issues that need our attention, so many social good initiatives that need support. But the fact is, even the best organizations and programs struggle with funding. We launched the Campaign Fund to allow people to support the issues they care about,” said Entertain Impact Founder and CEO, Paul M. Katz. “This is a platform for sustainable good.”

The first cause that the Campaign Fund is rallying around is to support the small business community in the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which has dealt a crippling blow to many small businesses who were already struggling to compete against major online retailers. Since July 2020, Entertain Impact has been working on a social impact marketing campaign called Go Local, an effort to educate consumers about the importance of redirecting an additional 10% of their dollars toward local small businesses in their area. Thanks to our founding partner, Time Equities, Inc., a pilot campaign is currently underway across a handful of Midwestern states.

“Reviving small, local businesses across the country and positively impacting local communities is crucial during these challenging times, especially as businesses wait for a hopeful second stimulus bill,” said Francis Greenburger, Chairman and CEO of TEI, “We are very passionate about not only encouraging, but educating people to think of their spending income as a means of investing in their own communities. This campaign is a call-to-action to shop locally at your community’s small retailers, so that these businesses that make up the fabric of any community do not go dark.”

Through the Go Local campaign, we’re bringing together a coalition of business owners, community leaders, landlords, and local consumers united around a fundamental fact: For every $1 spent at a local business, 45 cents go back into the community, funding neighborhood schools, parks, services, and infrastructure. From educating people about the critical role that small businesses play to sustain community vitality to incentivizing consumers to source products and services from local vendors, we’re excited to roll up our sleeves and do our part to support the small business community at a time when they really need it. 

Learn more about and help support Go Local here.

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